About The Principal Researcher
Dr. David E. Laycock, Ph.D., F.C.I.C.

David holds advanced degrees in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Organometallc Chemistry and Catalysis. He also has extensive postgraduate training in biochemistry, pharmacology and molecular biology at Queens University, Carleton University and the Canada National Research Council.

Dr. Laycock's  patent research experience both with The Dow Chemical Company, and in his own private practice since leaving Dow, has been in the areas of chemistry (organic, polymer, physical, inorganic and organometallic), chemical engineering and environmental science, various other applied chemical areas, kinetics, catalysis (polymer, homogeneous and heterogeneous), material science (polymer chemistry and physics), medical devices and other medical disciplines (e.g., novel surgical techniques, orthopaedics, hematology, disease treatments) and biochemistry, molecular biology, and biotech areas. He is a member of the American Chemical Society,  Fellow of The Chemical Institute of Canada, member of the North American Catalysis Society, Natonal Association of Patent Practitioners, and the Patent Information Users Group. 

Our Group have carried out assignments for domestic and foreign consulting entities, governments, corporations, non-profits, individuals, financial institutions and legal offices in Canada, Asia, Europe and the U.S. Their projects have included:

  • patent research and analysis for prior art, freedom to operate, validity, patentability and in support of oppositions, infringement investigations and litigation
  • patent landscape research for competitive intelligence on a company or industry
  • intelligence gathering via patent portfolio analysis for competitive benchmarking and due diligence for new ventures or M&A
  • early warning of potentially disruptive innovations via patent landscape research
  • expert witness services

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David Laycock

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