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What our Clients have to say about us:

“I had the pleasure of knowing David during my time at ING Direct Canada in 2012. GIRIG Inc. were working on a challenging  assignment for the company. Based on my detailed interactions with David regarding this project, I found him to be very patient, flexible, and a pleasant person to interact with. His investigative and analytical skills are excellent! I would happily recommend him for any future tasks/assignments that come his way.”

Anant Jangwal, Competitive Intelligence Analyst, ING Bank of Canada

“No improvement necessary for this search! This is a difficult search. There is not a lot of relevant literature out there but this verified that our research work is new or at least unreported. It gave some good leads and directed me to some resources I did not know were available.”

Sr. Research Specialist, Fortune 500 Company

“David Laycock is a detail-oriented professional who has helped my scientific & technical R&D group out many times efficiently, in a timely-fashion and with friendly and courteous service. His experience with informational searching and retrieval, and with preliminary analysis including statistical has proven invaluable. I would heartily recommend him to any start-up or established company alike.”

Development Scientist, Fortune 500 Company

“I like the Aureka maps, which helped us to understand the overall landscape of the technology. The Aureka map of the applications makes more sense, as you pointed out in the report. The spreadsheets with the listing of the patents with the abstracts is very good for me to go through the information. Thanks a lot for doing the search and showing a quick timely snapshot…”

Client’s comments upon receipt of a patent landscape report prepared by GIRIG

“Thanks for the excellent work. I particularly liked the organization of the results that you provided. these search results will help our partners in their decision whether to license this technology…”

Client’s comments regarding our technical competitive intelligence report

“David, Thank you so much for your prior art search in support of our evaluation the this technology. I heard today that things are going very well in the negotiations and your search came up with important additional information. Again thanks for the extremely quick turnaround, it was a big help to the business.”

Joseph – Director

“Hello David, had a good chat with the guy from New York, I will keep them in mind for future but looks like out need for a formal study on e-coat is diminished based on targets set by our customer. This was a good experience though and I plan to use your services more in the future as well. You did a great job getting this lined up for me, thank you.”

Client’s comments regarding our report on a competitor’s process

“Company profile on a Competitive Process – David, thank you for your efforts in evaluating our competitor and their competitive position regarding this product; the team benefited greatly from your contributions and the varied resources of your Group. Some specifics; identification of Chemical Market resources Inc. (already on retainer) to provide a third party examination of our competitor’s manufacturing and marketing activities, this minimized cash expenditures, identification of our internal businesses competing with this company for their input and obtained pertinent competitor specific intelligence. Thanks Again.”

Deno O’Connor

“David, thank you for your leadership role and providing excellent research to our businesses. This is a great example of the value BIG can play in the transformation of our company. Keep up the good work.”


“This is fantastic. I consider this the best information ever documented by our Biocides Group regarding this process! Very high quality information. The numbers I crunched below are consistent with the other bits and pieces of intelligence from you. Our confidence level that they are reliable sure increases. Great work David.”



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